Academic institutions


  • University of Chicago, IL, US
  • University of Nottingham, UK
  • University of California, San Diego, CA, US
  • Temple University School of Medicine, PA, US
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Sussex, UK                      

Business/health organization


  • Center for Health Care Education, CA, US
  • AIM Radiology Medical Group, CA, US
  • Trova Homecare, CA, US
  • Insulite Laboratories, CO, US
  • Heal n Cure, IL, US
  • NATRX, Milnerton, South Africa
  • Olympus Medical Management, MA, US
  • Management Sciences for Health, MA, US



  • American Journal Experts, US
  • Cactus Communications, India
  • Biomed World, Shanghai, China
  • Systematic Review Solutions, UK
  • Demand Media Studios