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Project Description

White paper

Our client’s goal was to design a highly competitive white paper that would describe his company’s service and attract new clients in a highly competitive business.

  • Comparative research of competitor white papers.
  • Research about the important aspects of his business that needed to be highlighted.
  • Content development that presents his business in the best light.
  • Written to increase competitiveness, market project and attract more satisfied clients.

Project Details

Client: Olympus Medical Management
Status: Completed
Skills: Persuasive copywriting


Project Description

Web content development

A major research organization desiring to re-organize their content in order to educate visitors and increase voluntary enrollment of women into ongoing research studies. Project entailed:

Extensive research and interviews of departmental staff, referring healthcare professionals and past study participants in order to clearly understand

  • Organizational goals
  • Needs of the referring healthcare professionals
  • Desires and expectations of study participants

Content development based on the above findings designed to

  • Engage all visitors
  • Educate all visitors
  • Increase enrollment into ongoing studies

Follow-up to evaluate whether goals were obtained (on-going)

Project Details

Client: University of San Diego, Center for The Promotion of Maternal Health and  Infant Development
Status: In progress
Skills: Web content development, web design, scientific research and writing